Monday, June 15, 2009

Augusta, Gone #5

5. So in this chapter, Augusta comes back home.

4. Things between her and mom become muchhh better.

3. She gets clean!

2. Augusta realizes what she was doing wrong, and what she needs to do in order to get better.

1. She went back to school, and everyone was happy againnnnnn.

4. So Augusta is finally clean, 100%?

3. What are the thoughts that her mother is having?

2. Does Augusta think she can keep it up?

1. What's up with the father?

3. coontends - to strve in opposition

2. attain - to reach

1. purveypr - a person who provides

2. ' he had a nice buzz' - alliterations

1. ' the guy'woos'the girl' - ??

1. So in the end of the book, Augusta comes back home from the camp thingy, and shes all better, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Augusta, Gone #4

5. So Augusta goes into the 'brat camp' and they teach her some lessons there...

4. First, she kind of tried to kill herself, but then she decided to give it a chance.

3. I think that if i was her, i wouldnt act so childish.

2. She should have more respect towards her mother and the rest of her family.

1. The mother thought that things were finally working out!

4. Will Augusta stay clean?

3. Are the connections between them two going to improve?

2. Why was Augusta's brother smoking weed with her, if he dont want her to do drugs?!

1. So why didnt Augusta kill herself...?

3. suppressed - to put an end to forcibly

2. hemmed - an edge or border on a piece of cloth

1. influx - coming in

2. " theres an air of aloofness about them - idiom

1. "Throughout the night freight trains huffed into the park" - metaphor

1. I think this chapter is the happies chapter, because Augusta goes into the rehav thing and she gets better and has a different perspective on things.

Augusta, Gone #2

5. The mother was telling us about how her daughter changed.
4. this reminds me of this one time when i was the same way, and i didnt get along with my mom.
2. I wonder whats going to happen next.
1. I think if i was the mother, i would never let my daughter act that way.

4. So when is her mother going to take action?
3. Don't you think that if the mother really wanted to change things, she would have done it already?
2. Is Augusta ever going to respect her mother?
1. Would you let your child act like that?

3. procured - to produce
2. heyday - prime time
1. lam - to escape hastily


1. In this chapter, it basically states all the things that the mother sees, and how her daughter (Augusta) is changing due to drug and alcohol abuse.

Augusta, Gone #1

5. Augusta was a troubled teenager.

4. he decided to pull out a knife on her family.

3. She was not communicating with her mother at all.

2. Her mother was really worried about her.

1. She decided to get her some help.

4. So what is her mother going to do?

3. How is Augusta going to react?

2. How does Augusta's brother feel about all this?

1. Is Augusta going go respect her mother?

3. persistent - lasting or enduring tanaciously

2. reminisce - to recall past experiences

1. tricorne - having three horns

2. 'ask her how old she is' - alliteration

1. 'humming hungover' - alliteration

1. The whole book starts with Augusta's mother telling stories from the past, about how she was a perfect child, and then she changed and wasnt herself anymore.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Wide Sargasso Sea 7.

  1. Antoinette really wants to win Rochester back
  2. So according to some laws, a woman belongs to their husband?
  3. Wow, Antoinette seems really desperate.
  4. The woman had a point by saying just talk to him and if he dont wana be with you let him go.

4. Questions

  1. Why didnt the lady want to give her the potion?
  2. Why do you think Antoinette can't just talk to Rochester?
  3. What would Rochester think about all this?
  4. Would you want to have someone give you some creepy potion to have you fall in love with them?

3. Vocabulary

  1. albeit: although
  2. ideographs: graphs sumbolizing something
  3. hibiscus: a woody plant

2. Literary Terms

  1. Personafication: "Soul of darkness"
  2. metaphor: "Paper is more patient than man"

1. Overview Sentence

  1. In this chapter, Antoinette tries really hard to win Rochester back, and she decided to turn to this other woman for help who has some love potion that will help her...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wide Sargasso Sea 6.

  1. I think its kinda messed up how Rochester doesnt love Antoinette anymore, since they just got married
  2. Wow, he dont remember his own wedding...
  3. Aww he thinks shes so prettyyyy.
  4. So he only wanted to get with her, but he wasnt really in love with her, but yet he still married her.
  5. I thnk its cute how they spend some time together even though things between them two arent that great.

4. Questions

  1. So why Rochester really didnt love Antoinette?
  2. What's going to happen with them two now?
  3. What would happen if them two divorced? whould she move again?
  4. Can't rochester at least pretend to care more about her?...

3. Vocabulary

  1. cobblestoned: a naturally rounded stone, larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder
  2. veranda: back porch
  3. mahogany: the wood itself

2. Literary Terms

  1. Onomatopoeia: "clap"
  2. Flashback: "I remember those old nights when we spent siting around drinking wine."

1. Overview Sentence

  1. In this chapter, we get more into Rochester and Antoinette's relationship, and how he does not love her anymora but shes still madly in love with him...

Wide Sargasso Sea 5.

  1. Antoinette and Rochester get married in Jamaica.
  2. They meet Caroline on their way to the honeymoon place.
  3. It sucks it was rainin on their honeymoon huh...
  4. Antoinette shows Rochester the house, but he doesnt like it
  5. Rochester becomes independent on his father

4. Questions

  1. Why does Rochester find the house awkward?
  2. Why the mango tree?
  3. Why does Rochester refuse to come inside Antoinette's friend's house?
  4. Why doesn't he trust Cristophine?

3. Vocabulary

  1. gouge: a chisel with a rounded, toughlike blade
  2. shingly: consisting of or covered with shingle
  3. malingant: disposed to cause harm, suffering

2. Literary Terms

  1. metaphor: "...the streets were waxed in a paper-thin layer of wet red leaves."
  2. Alliteration: “…sounds so simple.”

1. Overview Sentence

  1. So Antoinette finds a house that she likes, but Rochester doesn't like it and thinks the whole situation is kinda awkward since he cheated on her.